Monday, 20 October 2014

My 6-year old Zamioculcas Zamifolia (ZZ) plant

If I can recall, this Zamioculcas Zamifolia plant or ZZ plant (as it is often called) has been around in the house for 6 years (at least). My wife got this for the Chinese Lunar New Year probably 6 years back and it has gone through one repotting. There is not many places that I can position this plant in the house. The only place that I find it suitable is near the window in the living room at the TV console area. So we place this plant on the top of the left speaker. It has been there since.

Recently, I notice that the leaves are full of dust and I cannot help it but to give the leaves a good cleaning. 
Dust accumulated on the leaves (ZZ plant)
I made a YouTube video and you can check out at my Channel here:

Look at the sparkling leaves after the cleaning…

ZZ plant

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

SG My Garden is Good!

Many, many years ago, I lived in a Kampong at the western side of Singapore. We had a big house made of woods and zinc roofs. All kids played in the large compound within the house and we grew our own trees such as durian, rambutan, coconut, banana, guava, etc…

Well, I liked to do gardening and planted mostly balsam plants. After we had moved house from Kampong to a high-rise flat, my family continued to keep plants outside the flat along the corridors. However, we would need to plant the plants in pots instead on the ground.

I have longed to keep greenery in the house and also trees (if I can prune them). This blog will feature the journey of creating the garden that I have wished for… stay tuned!