About Me

I live in Singapore all my life. Maybe there is a chance that I move to a country that offers four seasons in the future.

I'm an engineer and have a logical and systematic mind. Nothing can go wrong if you plan in a logical and systematic way.

I'm an eater of good food. Well, just one thing I don't eat, BEEF! Maybe next time...

I'm a gardener. I have green fingers and enjoy greenery. I look forward to have a vertical garden in my future house. This blog is what I love to do as a "gardener".

I'm an investor. I invest in stocks and properties. Maybe I can find a good business idea to invest in. Let me know if you have one!

I love electronics stuff. Tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, laptops, Raspberry Pi, desktop computers, harddisks, OS, etc. I'm using iPhone 6 (gold 64gb), iPad Air and Yosemite. You won't regret it, trust me...

I love travelling, to countries who can offer below 23 degrees C temperature. I live in Singapore and the temperature range is 24 to 34 degrees C.

I enjoy keeping marine fish and coral.

I file all my documents, letters, notices, etc...

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