Thursday, 7 July 2016

Growing Phalaenopsis orchid at home

Many people thought that growing Phalaenopsis orchid is difficult and some thought it is easy. It is definitely not for beginners unless one has done research on the internet for best method to grow them.

I was guilty of nearly killing one Phalaenopsis orchid when the seller (from a landscaping company) tried to stuff and compact the sphagnum moss with the orchid roots. The seller said that I have to water every day and also on the roots and leaves. In the end, after one month, the roots started to rot and flowers started to wither. It is only after talking to gardeners and researching online that I gain more experience and knowledge.

One pot of Phalaenopsis is about SGD20. A smaller pot will be around SGD15. If you bought it at a higher cost, make sure that it is a unique or special breed. If not, it is not worth it.

Phalaenopsis orchid at World Farm
Phalaenopsis orchid at World Farm
Phalaenopsis orchid at World Farm
Phalaenopsis orchid at World Farm

Care requirements:
  • Water
    • Phalaenopsis does not like to be watered every day. I recommend to water the Phalapenopsis every 10 days using distilled water or rain water. I think tap water is fine if you stage it over a day.
  • Sunlight
    • Do not place them in direct sunlight.
    • They prefer to be in shady places. I placed it in direct sunlight before and it did not do well.
  • Potting medium
    • Use sphagnum moss. Soak them and tuck them around the roots' area.
    • When you bought the orchid, it is
  • Fertilizer
    • Need to use very diluted liquid that is for orchid. I tried to spray the one that I bought from World Farm for orchid only once a month. So far, no ill effect from using it. But I don't recommend you using that on your prized phalaenopsis.
  • Temperature
    • I think normal room temperature is fine.
The flower blooms will last for a couple of months, mine lasted more than 3 months.

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