Saturday, 24 January 2015

Can my first avocado seedling survive?

The top leaves have turned brown and dropped off from the seedling. I think this first avocado seedling may not survive. I have missed the time to plant it into the soil and this have caused damages to the roots of the avocado plant. The seedling has not grown much since the last time I planted it. My wife told me to keep this plant for a while to see whether it can survive. I don't know what I can do now to help it grow except to keep it indoors together with my other two seedlings.

First avocado seedling - leaves dried up
I have removed the dried brown leaves. Now the seedling is quite bare except the tiny leaves along the stem.
First avocado seedling - will it survive?
Check back again in a few weeks to see whether first avocado seedling survive or not? I certainly hope it does...

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