Saturday, 6 June 2015

Pitcher Plant

I have managed to propagate my pitcher plant and now I have two pitcher plants. One plant is grown in a glass container and the other one is in a plastic bottle that I had D.I.Y. by myself. I have placed peat moss and perlite in a mixing ratio of 1:1. Then I added sphagnum moss on the top. I had cut a stem with about 3 leaves and then coated the cut base with rooting powder. I put the stem into the peat moss + perlite mix and kept the mix moist. I had covered the whole bottle and plant with a bag to keep it moist and high humidity. After a month, you will see new growth.

Pitcher Plant
When the pitcher plant is small, the pitcher cup is also small. I have hung the pitcher plant near the window and it is catching the western sun for a couple of hours. I think maybe it is not getting enough sunlight as the pitcher cups have dried up. I try to give the pitcher plant distilled water everyday. The excess water will be drained away at the bottom of the bottle. 

Besides water, you will need to feed the pitcher plant with small insects. The pitcher plant gets its nutrients from small insects that get trapped inside the pitfall traps. As the pitcher plant is mostly kept indoors, there are not many insects that can crawl into the traps. So, I assisted the pitcher plant by putting insects into the traps. Here is the trap with insects in it. I think I have placed a dead insect into the trap and ants may have been attracted by the dead insects and fell into the trap.

Insects in the pitfall trap of pitcher plant
Insects in the pitfall trap

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