Sunday, 20 September 2015

Growing Portulaca Grandifora from seeds

Portulaca Grandiflora is a great garden plant. It grows very fast and spread to other areas in your garden pretty fast. You can grow them by stem cutting. Pinch one branch and insert it directly into the soil. Keep the soil moist and the plant will grow roots and new shoots will appear. The good thing about propagation by this method is that you know the color of the flower that you will be getting provided that it was blooming when you cut it. The bad thing is that there may be aphids on the branch that you pinch and it will spread to other plants. Always check that there are no white aphids before you plant them.

I found a pack of the Portulaca Grandiflora seeds in the local supermarket. It has assorted colours and I will not know what I'm getting when I plant them. Maybe I will have a number of different colours or maybe they will be of the same colour. Well, let's see what we can get in the next couple of weeks or months.

Germination after a couple of days
Germination after a couple of days 31 Aug 2015
Portulaca Grandiflora after two weeks
11 Sep 2015
The growth of the Portulaca Grandiflora is quite slow. I think it is probably due to the sunlight that it is lacking.

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