Thursday, 22 October 2015

Growing avocado in water - 23 October 2015

The avocados are growing well in the water. Two of them have their pits turning black and then dried up. The toothpicks are still stuck in the dried pits. The dried pits did not seem to affect the growth of the plants.

I didn't know the reason for the pits to turn mouldy and eventually dried up. Probably, they were infected by some diseases. However, one of the plants which is nearby did not exhibit the same symptom. But this might be due to the fact that it is from another species and this species might be more resistant to the disease.

Another thing is that one of the pit has only half of it turning mouldy. The other half is still ok. This is strange.

The good thing about growing avocado in water is that you don't have to worry that the roots are not getting any water. You need to change the water regularly to replenish any nutrients that are needed for the avocado to grow. I'm thinking of putting a tube into the water and pump in air to aerate the water. So far, I saw only one leaf had its tip turning brown. Yes, even in water, you can see that. But I think if the water is changed regularly, the leaves should remain green.

I did a bit of trimming to the new leaves. I will update again.

Dried pits
Dried pit

Dried pit
Dried pit - moulding

Half of pit is dried up
Half of pit has dried up

Good pit
Good pit

Yesterday, 21 Jan 2016, I have finally planted all the three avocado in water into soil media. I bought some garden soils from a nearby store and planted them. I noticed that the water was getting dirtier each week even though I have changed them regularly. The roots have become darker and less new roots appearing. I have moved house and have placed the avocado in water outside at the balcony. In order to avoid mosquitoes breeding, I have decided to remove the water and plant them into soil. I hope that the avocado will continue to grow.

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