Thursday, 28 January 2016

Avocado leaf browning, what is wrong?

I have placed my avocado seedlings on my window sill in my previous house. They were growing quite well and I didn't notice any abnormalities. However, I had to move house and I took them down from the window sill and notice that there are leaves turning brown. I'm not sure whether it is caused by salt accumulation or too much water.

As the new house has a big balcony which has at least 7 hours of direct sunlight, I'm afraid that it will burn the leaves. I bought new pots (bigger) and a couple of kilograms of garden soil. I just removed the seedling from the old pot together with the soil and placed it into the new bigger pot. I added the new garden soil around the perimeter to top-up the soil to the empty area.

I chose garden soil as I thought that it will be better than the commercialised potting soil. I will monitor closely and changed the soil if the plants are in stress.

I have three seedlings that have grown quite a bit and I placed one seedling in full direct sunlight and the remaining two in partial sunlight. Below are two photos that showed the leaves turning brown partially and not at the tip of the leaf. I was thinking of sun-burning of the leaves due to the intense sunlight but I'm not sure. Anyone has experience in this kind of problem? Please share and advise.

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Leaf turning brown - what is the cause?
Leaf turning brown - what is the cause?

Leaf turning brown - what is the cause?
Leaf turning brown - what is the cause?


  1. Hi, did u find out what was the cause? :)

    1. Hi Kopii, thanks for your message. Currently, my three avocados are doing very well without much browning of the leaves. I think they need sunlight to grow well and currently they are under at least 3 hours of sunlight and even with direct tap water, they are ok. They are now about 6 ft tall and some lateral branchings. I will prune the top part and graft it onto my younger seedlings to see how it goes.