Friday, 11 December 2015

DIY Vertical Garden for my balcony

I ordered a 18-pocket vertical garden hanging planter from eBay and it should delivery after 15 December 2015. The dimensions are 50cm x 100cm (see below). I noticed that there is green colour planter and luckily I didn't order the black one. I think the green planter will be perfect for the vertical garden.

Picture from eBay

Initially, I thought of just having one 18-pocket planter. But my wife said that it is not big enough. So, I started to design a frame structure to hold two 18-pocket planters. That will give a vertical garden area of 1m x 1m since I can combine two 18-pocket planters.

2x 18-pocket planters

I will need to hang the two 18-pocket planters onto a frame. The frame material will be aluminium. I have made a couple of designs.

Frame design 1

Frame design 2

I sent the designs to my friend and he thought the frames are readily available in the shop. I told him that I need to provide the dimensions of the aluminium profile bars to the supplier so that the supplier can cut them to the lengths that I need. I will need to get the connectors to join the bars together.

My wife thinks that 1m width vertical garden is not good enough, she prefers to have 1.5m in width. Thus, I will need to increase the 1m to 1.5m. Luckily I have not purchased the bars and still have time to consider the correct lengths to cut. My only concern is that the 1.5m width will make the frame structure weakly and I will need to consider the strength of the frame design. Also, I will need to add another 18-pocket planter to the original design so that I will have 3pcs 0.5m x 1m = 1.5m x 1m planters for the vertical garden.

I checked with the eBay seller whether I can get discount for the additional 2pcs that I'm going to order. His reply is prompt and said that as the price is discounted already and he couldn't get further discount even if I purchase two pieces. The package that I have ordered arrived on 18 Dec and it almost filled up the entire mailbox. I wanted to order another 2pcs but I think I will order it separately so that the delivery will be one after another so that the mailbox can hold one at a time. I don't think the postman can squeeze the two packages into my mailbox. I will wait a few days and when the 2nd package has been posted, I will order the 3rd package.

18-pocket planter has arrived!
18-pocket planter has arrived!
The 18-pocket planter arrived safely. It is what I have envisaged and I will use this piece to design the frame. My design idea for the frame is to hang and secure the 3pcs 18-pocket planters side by side. This will cover an area of 1.5m x 1.0m rectangle. I will need to calculate the height of the frame. I plan to have a planter box in front of the frame to hold rectangular plastic pots. In the Frame design 1 and 2 pictures above, you can see the planter box area. I want to buy readily available plastic pots or containers and place them into the planter box area. I will need to buy them and check the dimensions so that I can design the planter box. I will place a plastic sheet onto the frame before I hang the pocket planters. The plastic sheet will extend all the way down to the planter box so that when I water the top of the pocket planters, the excess water will flow down towards the planter box.

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