Thursday, 3 December 2015

Vertical Garden DIY for balcony

I want to create a vertical garden for my balcony but my budget is less than $400. I think if I were to custom-made one with 1m (wide) by 1.8m (height), it will cost me at least $1K.

Google is your best friend to find the stuff that you need.

Materials that I need:
  • 2x 32-pocket vertical planter (size 50cm width x 140cm height) ~ $90
  • IKEA ÄPPLARÖ Bench with wall panel ~ $184
  • Plants and planting media ~ $100
So, the total is about $374 which is within my budget of $400. Unless I can purchase some wooden stripes to make a frame, maybe the easiest way is to buy the IKEA bench with wall panel.

The above project will start in end December 2015. I will need to check out the bench with wall panel at IKEA first and then confirm the size of the vertical planter pockets that I need to purchase from eBay.

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